Posted by admin on 23.09.2018 22:44
Call: RU1A
Operator(s): RT1M RW1A RW1F
Station: RU1A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: nr Saint-Petersburg
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Eastern Europe

Band QSOs QTCs Mults
80: 74 30 43
40: 349 345 83
20: 1261 1075 101
15: 29 9 25
10: 2 0 1
Total: 1715 1459 675 Total Score 2,145,150
It was much more fun compared to last year.
Conditions were not brilliant but still we were happy with 20m which was the money band for QSO's and QTC's!
There was a good opening on 20m to the US both afternoons, with a lot of QSOs with serial numbers 01/02/03.
On the other hand we've noticed a very low activity from the East (JA/YB etc)
A few funny moments - variety of replies on "do you have QTC?" people were giving UTC/State/name/i would give it if i new what is is))))
One of the pleasant suprises was the sunday morning call of T32AZ on 20m for QTCs!
40m was fair the first day and rather poor on Sunday.
80m was great the first night (our morning) and very poor the rest of the contest.
10 & 15m we expected more, but with only 31 QSOs on those bands it's hardly worth mentioning.
Anyhow we enjoyed the contest and looking forward to WAE 2019!

Vlad RW1A