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2009 WPX-CW, author RA1AIP [ENG]
Call: RU1A
Station: RU1A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: St Petersburg
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs
  160:   98
   80:  444
   40: 1193
   20: 2332
   15:  827
   10:  291
Total: 5185  Prefixes = 1273  Total Score = 15,212,350

RU1A SetUp:

4 x FT1000MP, 1 x MARK V

160m 3El Wire Yagi Up to 65m switched NA/South East Asia
          INV V
80m  3El Yagi full size rotated Up to 40m
          INV V
40m H-Frame stack 4/4 + 4/4 El Yagi (Up level rotated, down level fixed to NA)
         3El Yagi rotated
20m H-Frame stack 4/5 + 4/5 El Yagi fixed to NA
        7El Yagi rotated (JA, Asia)
        4El Yagi fixed to Europe
        3El Yagi rotated
15m H-Frame stack 4/4 + 4/4 El Yagi rotated
         5/5 El Yagi (Up level rotated, down level fixed to Europe)
         5El Yagi rotated
10m H-Frame stack 4/5 + 4/5 El Yagi rotated

+ AD335 (tribander 10,15,20m for Europe and Africa)
+ JA beverages for 160, 80, 40m


Yeahh, propagation returned back?!! Almost as during old kind times when trees were big and etc.. :)) The All times M/S record of Europe (10.9 million points) has been established in 2001 by a 9A7A team, and this year many leading european clubs have more.

We have in our log 15.2 million, such results did not dream fathers and grandfathers, for us it is too the big unexpectedness. 20m open 24hours, 1350 NA stations (300 on 40m) from 5200 QSO, 250 JA, 1270 mults.

Thanks RU4HP and UA1CUR, they have considerably strengthened our team. We had enough operators that all 48 hours of the contest were normal RUN (at times in two operators on one RUN frequency when one listens only to the European direction, and the second - all other directions), and normal S&P (1-2 operators on same band where CQ, 1 operator on multiplayer station on another bands), and also it was possible to have a rest time.

One more big pleasure - is literally during time of contest has been finished 3 El Yagi on 80м, full-size, rotary, Up to 40m. To CQ WW coming soon one more new projects, among which many different elements Yagi, basically on low bands..

Thanks a lot for QSO and see you in IARU contest.


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Equipment plans
28 MHz: 4 by 7 el 28 mhz (14 mtrs boom) yagi , rotor to JA/USA, mast 50 mtrs up , 15 % completed
3,5 MHz: 5L fullsize Yagi 40m up, boom 60m, fixed to USA
* 25% completed