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2008 WAE-SSB, author RW1AC [ENG]
Call: RU1A
Operator(s): RW1AC, RA1AIP, RA1AR, RD3MA, RA3MF
Station: RU1A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: St Petersburg
Operating Time (hrs): 47.1

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:  124    58    52
   40:  252   341    77
   20: 1360  1304    98
   15:   39    16    27
   10:    1     0     1
Total: 1776  1719   691  Total Score = 2,415,045

Hello to everyone,

After the three year break, the team RU1A is back to WAE contest, but surprisingly even for us, we were first time working with M/S RU1A WAE SSB. There was always smth. interfering either preparation for CQ WW SSB, or the team could not get together for WAE, and as a result RW1AC was always participating in SOAB HP. Finally we really enjoyed it. Excellent contest, a lot of fun, very interesting competition with the leading European clubs.

This year our team consisted of 5 operators RW1AC, RA1AIP, RA1AR, RD3MA, RA3MF. The time table was combined in such a way that there could be 3-4 operators in the shift and each person would work 30-36 hours. It was a very comfortable timetable.

At such bad condition on top bands, the 3-d operator 95% of time listned only the noise of the air.

At first night everything went the wrong way. Not the way we planned. USA was almost impossible to hear, though nearly all Europe was working. We had to do with rare stations form Asia and SA. Hardly smb. wanted to give QTS. After 01z K1LZ and K1ZM could be loudly heard at 80 and we started working active at 80 metres band SSB 3750. Of course it was more comfortable to work without split.

At first night we could reach almost all regions of the USA (except W6), HK3JJH, YW4D, ZW5B, ZY7C, PY1NB, ZX2B, HI3T, LT0H and many others. In the morning we had total of about 70 QSO at 80m.

As soon as the sunrise came the 40 metres band opened from W1 to VE7. There were many good reports, but it lastes only about 40-50 minutes. The 20 meteres band opened after 05z, small enough JA and UA9-0. At the 15m could loudly hear UA9 stations with good setup, but there were no QSO with JA

As usual at 10z first stations from NA were KD4D,K1ZM,W1UE,K1DG, etc. The temp gained considerably at 11z, condx on 20 m was as excellent as on Friday before the test. At the same band the main operator stopped the RUN while second operator accepting the QTS. We has the speed more than 100 QSO/h in this time.

The most remarkable was a big quantity of stations with long call signs from USA - KC9,KE7,KG6,KI4 etc. which we could not hear in our region at 20 meters band in such big amount. Of course it was almost meaningless to ask them for QTC. One of the operators after the question about QTC sent us, what seems to be logical, to :)

Around 16z we decided to give up good RUN at 20m and go to 40 m at JA/VK/ZL As the second day, when it was an awful pass at JA showed, it was the right step.

At 18 z at 20 meters we had stations only from S. America At its own rising the station ZL1GQ goes as local, and it promises good prospects for a good multipliers from the East.

After 19z there was a little rising of passing at USA at 20 metres. Around 20z we were sucsessfully working VK7GN at 40 m and we QSY with him to 80m. JA started calling with good levels, but murphy was not sleeping.

And here falls the light pc is still working because of ups. The reason for it is unknown as there were no rain, no wind, and nobody knows how long will it last. Only in 30 minutes the light appeard and we could continue the fight.

Of course 40 and 80 m were a little bit lost . Only HL2KXT on 80m and 40m is in LOG of intresting multipliers.

The sunset starts in Caribia and the USA and it brings it multipliers to NP4G at 40/80, OX3 40/80, CT3DL 40/80. USA is heard a little bit, but we do not have such active work as S50A, M6T, 403A. Unfortunatelly our good antenna 4X4 el. H-Frame Yagi does not help at 40m.

Thanks for QSY TI4CF from 40 to 80, he was hard to agree to move, but finally he was properly heard. It was a real fight for such QSO as CE3BFZ and ZPOR, but finally everything is ok.

Again it was a slow RUN at 80m at NA, as at 40m there were only SA stations and it was hard to find them.

The work goes on. Good multipliers at 80m FM and HC2AQ, besides USA/VE

On Sunday morning the situation repeated?? again only 1 hour we were working NA at 40m, HC2AQ and KL7 are the most interesting. After that we pass to 20m, but there everything went very slowly.

Our efforts are directed to incresing the multiplier at 15m. The sucsessful QSO were with such multipliers as - E21YDP, YB, HZ, ZS6, DU, 4X, TA. Very loud signal 5U5U let us now that we had a good pass to South, we turned 4x4 el to Africa and as a result we worked at almost empty range very interesting multipliers - Z2, 3B8, 9X, A7, CT3, 9K2.

Unfortunately there is nothing at 10m, except RG9A.

At 10z opens a pass to 20m at NA, there are small technical problems in amplifier. The repair took 30min. At the beginning of the pass we a ready to work again.

RA1AIP Alex was working at the first day at 20 m from 12 to 18z, Vlad RW1AC was working the second day. Again we had several calling levels from very loud to those that are permanently calling 20-30 minutes, trying to find the chance when nobody is calling.

Again there were a lot of stations KE6, KD7, and also a lot of /M stations.

Of course RUN was slow at its speed, questions about QTC and active QTC pickup from the second operator

It would be wonderful if we had such pass at 20m in CQ WW SSB; CW ! We are looking forward it!

It all lasted till 19z, ant after everything disappeared. We were trying to work JA at 40m but the range was very bad and full of noise. It was my first experience when we listened how 403A and DF0HQ was working JA, but we could not hear any of weak stations, except stations with good antennas, even though we are much close to Japan.

At 80m JA the pass was also bad, but we could make some QSO. The QSO and QTC speed was falling down, it was a good time to take a break, but our subgroup did not let us do it. :) We were trying to work NA at 20m, staying at frequency after OH8X.

As always WAE is finding optimal balance between RUN-QSO, QTC and time for multipliers. We hope that we could successfully find this balance. A lot of thanks to everybody for competition and fun, especially DF0HQ,DR1A. The winners of the previous years did not let us relax even for a minute.

A good team of competitors formed in SOAB. We would like to congratulate M6T, ES5TV, S50A, OH8X, 4O3A with excellent results.

Thanks to our new cooker Viktoria for 5 time a day meal, very good meal while the competition is very important for success.

See you next year.

Vlad, RW1AC

RU1A's history in WAE:

           CW            SSB
1998  2 place RU1A   none
1999  1 place RU1A   none
2000  1 place RU1A   3 place RW1AC
2001  1 place RU1A   none
2002  2 place RU1A   1 place RW1AC
2003  1 place RU1A   1 place RW1AC
2004  1 place RU1A   1 place RW1AC
2005  1 place RW1AC  none
2006  1 place RW1AC  2 place RW1AC
2007  1 place RW1AC  1 place RW1AC

Contest         : Worked All Europe DX-Contest
Callsign        : RU1A
Mode            : PHONE
Category        : M/S
Overlay         : ---
Band(s)         : All bands (AB)
Class           : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/...  :
Locator         : KO48VR
Operating time  : 47h10m

   80   124   1   52    58     179  0.98
   40   252   1   77   341     592  1.00
   20  1360  28   98  1304    2663  1.00
   15    39   1   27    16      55  1.00
   10     1   0    1     0       1  1.00
TOTAL  1776  31  691  1719    3490  1.97
         TOTAL SCORE : 2 415 045
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