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1999 WW160-CW, author RV1AW [ENG]
Call: RU1A
Class: Multi-Op HP
Operator(s): RV1AW, RW1AC, Alex

Total:  QSOs = 800  State/Prov = 20
        Countries = 63  Total Score = 350,278

Equipment description:
2 x FT-1000MP, home brew PA 

INV.L with 20 meters vertical part and 22 radials, INV.V

Two networked computers running CT9 
No beverages, no DX Cluster!

This contest wasn't big team effort for us and this year was no exception. Decide to participate just for having fun and without any hope to achieve good result.

Starting the contest with good EU pile-up during first 3 hours, but were very amazing by unhabitualy high noise level on the band. Could only work W8JI during first nigth. At the daytime found out that one of computers generated S4-S5 additional noise level and remove this PC. Due to worked 60 US stations second night, the strongest signals were W8JI, K3UA and VE1ZZ as usual. We apologize for all US and DX stations who probably called us at the begining of the contest without luck.

We heard a lot of US stations working each other and western Europeans as well, but there were only brief periods when signals peaked sufficiently to sustain a short runs, the best time being near our sunris? Heard but missed VP2EJ, ZF2MO, EA8ZS and several dozens of US.

It's clear, there is nothing to do seriously without good transmiting antennas and beverages. Unfortunatly, at our QTH on the top of the hill in dense wood we have only limited free space to put beverages. Once we tried to put it here, but without success. Anyway, there are no other ways to get "good ears", so will try next summer again.

73 ! Arno/RV1AW

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Equipment plans
28 MHz: 4 by 7 el 28 mhz (14 mtrs boom) yagi , rotor to JA/USA, mast 50 mtrs up , 15 % completed
3,5 MHz: 5L fullsize Yagi 40m up, boom 60m, fixed to USA
* 25% completed