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2010 WW-CW, author RW1AC [ENG]

This is the end of 2010 contest season and it was very successful for our team!

It has been very cold CQWWCW's November when temperatures dropped to 25C below zero with 50 cm of snow. We had to keep all the heaters on to keep the shack warm. Due to this fact we had electric power overload 4 times during the contest and lost total 60 minutes of operating time.

80m for us has always been a very special band. Back in 1990 we first began to take more than 100 countries. Then we were the first in Russia who installed 3 el yag and were ready for new horizons. Our target was 40 zones and 150 countries! By many years tradition, Alex RU1AA is our 80m man. The Yagi was raised with a bit of delay to the 42 meters height just before the contest on Friday night with special lights on and -18C outside. Finally we ended up with 38 zones and 144 countries on 80 mtrs! Wow, in his 66 Alex RU1AA still THE MAN. Unfortunately, we missed a simple zone 23 (JT UA0YAY BY) and zone 34 as well as some DX which we didn't work like 9J3A, 9V1YC, BV100, VR2PX, CW5W, EA6UP, FO8RZ, JT0YAB, HZ, ZS2DL, some due to Aurora. It should be noted that many of the M/S stations made 130 countries and 35-37 zoneson 80, so we cannot afford to miss 20-30 countries.

10 meters band was very strange living its life and begaving as it wanted. Many mults were heard for just 5 minutes. When you M/S and had your mult station of different band minutes ago you can imagine your feelings with New country gone to zero level.

It looks European M/S record set by RU1A in 2000 of 12,7 million is beaten. Let's see what comes after log checking. Anyway, congrats to TM6T, OM8A teams and other EU M/S. Now let's imagine what happens with scores when 15m, 10m get open and 20m open around the clock to US.

Vlad RW1A (ex:RW1AC)

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