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2000 WW160-CW, author RV1AW [ENG]
Call: RU1A
Class: Multi-Op HP

Total:  QSOs = 743  State/Prov = 12
        Countries = 63  Total Score = 298,650

Operator(s): RA1ARZ, RN1AM, RX1AA, RV1AW, RW1AC, Alex

Equipment Description: 3 x FT-1000MP
RX antennas: Beverages 
               330 m - JA
               200 m - USA
               180 m - EU
               180 m - KL7/ZS
TX antennas: 45 meters vertical with 24 radials, INV.L, INV.V

We are always trying to get something new in our hardware for each contest. It allows us to be on the competative level and also allows to keep it too. Several previous years we had been participated in CQ WW 160 just for fun and keeping shapes with clear understanding that achievement of good result is not for us yet, due to using only INV.L and absence any additional RX possibilities.

This time we decided to change it. Four beverages were putting up during the summer and seems working good. Getting rest after CQ WW CW, we spent several weekends in December and January for preparations and erecting new 45 meters vertical which was made from the pipes. It was erected by using 30 meters supported tower with special blocks and 6 levels of guywires. Unfortunately we hadn't enough time and materials to connect as much radials as we want and used only 24 - 1/4 wavelength each ones. Sure, it's not enough for good performance, due to ground here is very poor - it's pure sand. We are planning to add as much radials as possible in future. Nevertheless, this year our setup was much better compares the several previous years and we had been planning to be more close to the best EU M/S. But you know, sometimes your expectations, even despite a lot of preparations, isn't what you really got. I suggest you've read numerous OH-guys comments about propagation in ours (60 N and higher) latitudes during the contest. Actually, it was the worst propagation during CQ WW 160 we ever had.

Amazing feeling than you have 45m vertical and good PA, you know that all it was tested earlier and playing well and expecting to be enough loud, but even low power stations on the southern/western Europe with low INV.V 's/dipoles came through pile-ups most of times ahead us. Nothing to add how we were frustrated. Only propagation to south and pacific area was not too bad.

Anyway, the only the way for us is improvement radials system and RX capabilities. Will keep fingers by cross next year with hope for good condx.

Game isn't over.

73 ! Arno / RV1AW on behalf of RU1A

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Equipment plans
28 MHz: 4 by 7 el 28 mhz (14 mtrs boom) yagi , rotor to JA/USA, mast 50 mtrs up , 15 % completed
3,5 MHz: 5L fullsize Yagi 40m up, boom 60m, fixed to USA
* 25% completed